What is Project Spotlight?

Project Spotlight is an initiative created to help promote smaller content creators who deserve to be in the spotlight more. Many of us remember what an achievement it was getting to 100 and then 1000 subs on YouTube, or achieving affiliate or even becoming partnered on Twitch, but very, very few of us couldn’t have achieved this without the support of some fellow content creators helping us get there.

So we created Project Spotlight as a way of combining the collective of smaller content creators to help promote each other with a view to sharing the stage with other similar content creators. If you fit this mold, then please submit your details via the link provided and let us help you be all you can be and get the Spotlight shining on you!!


What does it cost to join Project Spotlight?

Nothing, not a cent will ever be asked of you unless you wish to help out in some way. Will I have to revenue share? Nope, we do this as a free initiative to help out similar sized content creators and as a way of paying it forward for all the help others have given us over the years.


What can Project Spotlight do for me?

Ask us what you want!! If we can help you in any way, we will do so, be it assisting with ideas, artwork, editing or stream setup tips, we are here to help guide you in the right direction.


What do I have to do if I join?

We ask that you help promote Project Spotlight, where possible in your videos and streams, but the main thing we ask is that you add your skills to our talent pool to help others in need as well, and remember us when you MAKE IT BIG!!